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If you need something fixed, added, altered, extended around the house... we can certainly help you.   
We specialise in:

  • Medium to small extensions, alterations and additions to your home.

  • Construction of Decks and Pergolas.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen renovations.

  • External or internal timber stairs.

  • Floating timber floors.

  • External Fencing.

  • Maintenance and repair work to all areas of your home. 

Home and Property Improvements have been working in the residential building industry for over 30 years so we have plenty of experience behind us. We are fully qualified, with a full Builder's licence. Our focus is on small to medium building projects, the repair and general maintenance of homes, town houses and any residential dwelling. This includes any insurance rectification or storm damage repair work.

Our aim is to be reliable, prompt, and keen to get involved.

we are only a phone call away

0418 166 912
for a free quotation
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